I am Excited about this.

Hope you are doing well. I am very excited about my new book published recently on Amazon (Ebook and Print format)

Recently I have run a giveaway and got so many entries which showed the interest of so many lovely readers.

So I thought of giving away the book for free to such lovely readers and therefore I created promotion On Kindle for four consecutive days i.e: From May 7 to may 10 Exclusively on Amazon.

The link to the book is here.

Book Link

One who won the book in the giveaway is also eligible to get kindle version on Amazon for free in that four days.

Hope you loved the book and thanks for your wonderful support.

One who already received beta reader copies of the book can now give your valuable and wonderful feedback here on the following link.

Give your review/feedback here

Few people may not know how to review. Follow the steps as follows.

1. Click on this link here. 

(You must be logged in to give your feedback on Amazon)

2. There are Stars and you can give your rating (From 1 to 5 stars)

3. Below this, there is a box in which you can type your feedback about the book.

4. Then Click on “Submit button” available below the text box.

5. That’s it. You have successfully reviewed the book and thanks a lot for that.

If you want you can find about how to review here (Video)


If you didn’t get the book, wait till May 7(Better bookmark this page)

Visit the page from May 7 to May 10 to get the Kindle edition of the book for free.

Thanks and regards,

Manikanta Belde’s Launch team.